Troubled Families

The national Troubled Families programme aims to support families with multiple complex issues by directing them into the right services and support to meet their needs.  Manchester’s approach to delivering the Troubled Families programme is based on ensuring that these families are able to access services with a strong track record of achieving outcomes.  The approach includes:

  • having a single lead worker that will work alongside the family to get the root causes of problems and who is recognisable as the lead worker by the family and other professionals
  • a lead worker who co-ordinates activity so that the family receives the support in the right order and at the right time and in doing so reducing duplication of services
  • focussing on the needs of the whole family rather than just the individual;
  • intervening as early as possible as soon as issues arise
  • helping people move towards employment

For more information on the services available see Interventions.

The first phase of the national Troubled Families programme ended in May 2015. Manchester successfully engaged its allocation of 2,385 families and on the back of this success became an early adopter for phase two of the national programme.  Manchester is now working towards a revised ambition to work with a further 8,000 families by 2020 (out of 27,200 in Greater Manchester).

Phase two of the national programme now has broader criteria for identifying suitable families and a new way of measuring impact.  Further details can be found in the financial framework.

Manchester’s Troubled Families programme is part of a broader area of work called Confident and Achieving Manchester (CAM) aimed at supporting people with multiple complex issues including individuals.

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Ed Haygarth - Project Manager Troubled Families

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