Welcome to the Manchester Partnership

This website provides information about the Manchester Partnership, its activities and its vision for the city to 2025 as expressed in Our Manchester as published in March 2016.

The strategy forms the framework through which partners, businesses, voluntary and community organisations and individuals can work together to achieve common goals. It is for all the communities in Manchester and shows that everyone has a part to play in improving life in Manchester. Working together we can make changes to ensure that Manchester is a place where anyone would choose to live, work, invest or visit.

The Manchester Partnership tackles the toughest problems residents say affect their lives. In doing so, the Partnership is delivering the Manchester Strategy and the vision for a world-class city as competitive as the best international cities

        • that stands out as enterprising, creative and industrious;
        • with highly skilled and motivated people;
        • living in successful neighbourhoods whose prosperity is environmentally sustainable;  
        • where all our residents can meet their full potential, are valued and secure.

In making these changes, men and women in Manchester are now living longer; teenage pregnancies have been reduced; fewer homes are burgled and streets are safer.

The Manchester Partnership makes a difference - to people, to communities, to all those living, studying and working in the city but there is still a great deal of work to do to make Manchester a place where people increasingly choose to live, bring up their children and work.

The Partnership is a team of public, private and third sector organisations that work together on delivering Our Manchester, with the shared aim of making Manchester a better place to live, work and visit.