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Children's Board Priorities

The four priorities for 2012/13 are:

  • Early help - Improve the lives of Children & Young People in Manchester by developing an offer for Early Help by ensuring there is a commitment to finding early solutions to family problems through the effective use of tools such as the Manchester Common Assessment Framework (MCAF)
  • Early Years and 'school ready' - Ensure children are ready for school by leading on the implementation and commissioning of a core universal offer for pre-birth to five year olds.  Key agencies will work together and communicate effectively so professionals such as Health Visitors are able to perform their wider public health role 
  • The Family - Minimise family poverty by tackling the root causes of dependency articulated in the Family Poverty Strategy 2012-2015.  In addition we will develop partnership-wide support for the Manchester Investment Fund (MIF) attracting contributions from key agencies as we look to turn around the lives of troubled families through joint investment and commissioning
  • Narrowing the gap - Narrow the gap in key health outcomes including child obesity, dental hygiene and infant mortality, by ensuring that all families receive timely interventions and have access to the right health care at the right level of provision and at the right time.