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Neighbourhoods Board

The aim of the Neighbourhoods Board is to provide a forum for key strategic and cross cutting issues relating to place and strengthen current place-based governance arrangements and links to front line delivery of projects that feed into the delivery of Our Manchester.

The objectives of the Board are to:

  • Develop and maintain strong and joint leadership of the place agenda across public, private and third sector partners.
  • Drive delivery of the priorities set out by the Manchester Leader’s Forum and the vision for Manchester where they relate to place.
  • Provide a strategic forum to discuss the alignment and integration of policies and actions relating to place.
  • Provide city wide strategic leadership and direction on matters relating to place in districts, wards and neighbourhoods.
  • Monitor the impact of public sector budget reductions on Manchester’s neighbourhoods
  • Ensure a neighbourhood focus in embedded within PSR workstreams
  • Ensure a neighbourhood focus to the delivery of Community Strategy priorities, connecting to SRF delivery groups, neighbourhood teams and ward coordination. 
  • Be accountable to the Manchester Leader’s Forum and to the Executive of the Council, and is subject to scrutiny arrangements through the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committees.
  • Take a strategic overview of the thematic partnerships with a place / neighbourhood focus: The Strategic Housing Board, Cultural Partnership and the Environmental Strategy Programme Board.

Agendas, papers and minutes available on request

For more information please contact

Sue Davidson