Health and Wellbeing Board

The Health and Wellbeing Board is responsible for leading a collaborative approach to improving the health and wellbeing of Manchester residents and reducing health inequalities.

The Board forms part of the Manchester Partnership and is also a statutory committee of the Council.

The roles and responsibilities of the board include:
• Promoting partnership working and integration working across health and social care services in the city. 
• Leading the development and delivery of the city’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy
• Assessing the health needs of the local population through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

Live and archived webcasts of the Board's meetings are available with effect from 25 March 2015. Webcasts are available for six months from the date of the meeting.

The Health and Wellbeing Board annual report 2015/16 can be downloaded here.

For more information, please contact

Beth Morgan

Information on Health and Wellbeing Board