Our Manchester Investment Board

The Our Manchester Investment Board (OMIB) drives forward the development and implementation of the Our Manchester approach across the city.

It provides strategic leadership and direction on the following:

  • Taking an Our Manchester approach to how we integrate services and reform programmes, including at place level.

  • The driving of joint investment in public service reform by commissioning, reviewing and approving investment propositions.

  • The monitoring and evaluation of the impact of Our Manchester on key outcomes for residents and demand for services, including through the Reform Outcomes Framework

  • Connecting to and influencing Greater Manchester work on reform.

  • The city-wide development of the enablers of reform.  In particular, the organisational development and behaviours that will deliver the Our Manchester approach.

The OMIB meets every two months to review the actions to deliver the Our Manchester approach priorities.  It creates a space for senior individuals from key organisations across the city to have open conversations in order to develop new ideas for reform.

For further information please contact Roberta Garsia at r.garsia@manchester.gov.uk